Our mission at ShapeshifterS is  "Forever Changing"  meaning we want our returning customers to find fresh new inventory and offerings every time they stop by to visit.  Our vision is to be an inviting destination, offering a multi-faceted environment for everyone.  Craft and project classes will be offered featuring a vast assortment of subjects and fun projects.  Varying special events will be held to enhance the seasons and support the community.  Parking is available, so come by and enjoy a relaxed place to rest your feet and share good conversation with neighbors and new friends.  An open invitation awaits everyone to visit the"Monkey House" (our restoration workshop) where the magic of ShapeshifterS takes place!  Beware though, you can easily get caught up in the intrigue and activities and find yourself  helping out.  The perfect place for the guys and gals to hang out, swap stories and kill some time while their significant other shops!  Come by and say hello to Pam and Hank and enjoy some history, a cup of coffee and experience the "Spirit of the ShapeshifterS".