Welcome to the “MONKEY HOUSE” our restoration workshop located directly behind ShapeshifterS.  Witness first hand the process of  upcycling used and forgotten pieces into beautiful and useful treasures. Here you can see the various stages from input to repairs and finally, the finishing. If you discover a piece that you just have to have, we can customize it to your liking, giving it your very own personal touch.

All work and no play in the "Monkey House" makes Hank grumpy,  so be prepared to be challenged to a game of 

      “Corn Hole” or “Washers”   to kill some time while your partner browses through the store.  Don’t worry, anyone can play

but guys be warned, the gals love to win!  The Monkey House's goal is to keep you entertained and to provide to you,

a comfortable place where you can just sit back and enjoy some Texas Hill Country hospitality!